Wood Screw Hero

New wood screw design enables twice as much work to be done

TENZ has reinvented the wood screw. The new design incorporates stair thread technology, which requires 50% less force for the screw to enter wood. It does so by gently displacing the wood.

This means twice as many screws can be mounted for each battery charge. Or less load on the craftsman’s wrist. As 2,000 tons or 250 million screws are used every day worldwide, a considerable amount of energy could be saved by using TENZ’s new screw designs.

The knock-on effects of using the new screw design would also be a longer service life for screw application equipment of up to 10 times and thus a reduction in waste.

TENZ® Stairs Technology is a simple, yet elegant product, which reduces power consumption and wear and tear on equipment.

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    Claudia Baumgartner
    TENZ GmbH
    Graz, Austria