Ensuring Battery Performance

Towards a Zero Downtime Future for Electric Vehicles

Battery Cortex is a EUREKA EUROSTARS multi-national project within H2020, co-funded by ANI (Portugal Innovation National Agency), involving Stratio (PT), Caetanobus (PT), and Halmstad University (SWD). The aim of the project is to develop an anomaly and fault detection platform for the automated analysis of EV battery pack data.

The product resulting from this project, Stratio, contains machine learning and artificial intelligence models generated using battery signals and parameters. Stratio also contains a backend platform that provides a customer’s application with the output of the models with metrics such as maximum battery capacity, cell balancing, pack homogeneity, internal resistance and charging interruptions. A visualisation layer also displays battery metrics and alerts.

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Paulo Bajouco
Coimbra, Portugal