SFG – Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH

About Us

The Styrian Business Promotion Agency, SFG, is a state-owned company dedicated to strengthening and fostering the growth of the Styrian economy. SFG offers targeted services ranging from general support and information to financial consultancy and direct incoming investment. Our specialist areas include subsidies, company relocation/expansion and assistance in selecting attractive commercial property in the region. We assist in gaining access to training, research and development funds, to networks and innovative financing and to technology and knowledge transfer. Innovative R&D projects are also supported through a series of national and European funding opportunities.

Our Focus

Styria is an economic region boasting a wealth of high-achieving, competent, motivated and highly qualified inhabitants. SFG’s role is to further develop the assets of the region and, in doing so, to contribute to sustainable economic growth and development in the Province of Styria.

More Information

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Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Graz, Austria
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