CIS – Creative Industries Styria

About Us

Creative Industries Styria (CIS) is the network organisation for the creative economy in the region of Styria, Austria. It raises awareness of the creative sector on a regional and international level and is a crucial part of the growth and innovation engine at the Styrian business location. Creativity is understood to be a valuable raw material for smart change. Creative Industries Styria consider themselves as bridge builders and as a network node between the creative industries and the traditional economy and industries, which aims to create synergy and emphasise the (added) value of creative services.

Our Focus

Creative Industries Styria is active in three strategic areas: Awareness & Location, Impulses & Projects, and Networking & Service. We work in two directions: towards the traditional business sector in order to sensitise traditional companies to the achievements of the creative economy, and towards the creative sector in order to connect creative businesses as efficiently as possible with traditional companies. In this manner, Creative Industries Styria aims to build bridges between the sectors at the two central interfaces. These interfaces are found between the areas of creation and production on the one hand, and between production and distribution on the other.

More Information

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Eberhard Schrempf
Creative Industries Styria
Graz, Austria