AT Styria

About Us

AT STYRIA is a platform that brings together companies, research facilities and educational institutions working in the field of automation technology. Due to the extensive range of technologies, long-term success is only possible through cooperation. The networking of the entire sector creates valuable opportunities for innovation and synergy – a significant contribution to the strengthening of Styria as a business location. The almost 100 members of the network employ over 33,000 people and supply products and services around the world. Together, the AT STYRIA platform of companies possesses extensive knowledge in electronics, mechanical engineering and information technologies, thus guaranteeing the effective execution of projects in a rapidly growing and technology-driven area.

Our Focus

  • Industry-specific network

  • Internal and external communication

  • Acquisition and exchange of knowledge

  • Management of work capacities

  • Inernationalisation and export cooperation

  • Support with national and international funding

More Information

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Helmut Röck
ARGE Plattform Automatisierungstechnik
Graz, Austria