About Us

ACstyria, as Austria’s leading mobility cluster, brings together and promotes the following sectors: automotive, rail systems and aerospace. As a public-private partnership, ACstyria connects Styrian players operating in trade and industry, science and the public sector.

The objectives of ACstyria consist of strengthening and supporting ACstyria’s partners and stakeholders – companies, research institutions and public-sector organisations – that together form the Styrian mobility industry.

As ACstyria is a company-driven cluster, ACstyria’s direction and alignment are defined by the central issues and challenges of ACstyria’s partner companies. Thus projects and actions are oriented towards creating value for the companies.

Our Focus

ACstyria aims to develop and promote the region of Styria as an internationally renowned centre of excellence for innovative mobility solutions in the fields of Automotive, Aerospace and Rail Systems.

More Information

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Gerhard Mitterer, Head of Finance & Controlling
ACstyria Mobilitätscluster GmbH
Graz, Austria