Tiny but Powerful

A low-footprint, efficient and bidirectional charger for electric vehicles

The “Tiny Power Box” project brings together six industrial partners, from component manufacturer to system provider, whose goal is to develop a bidirectional onboard charger for electric cars.

The project aims to reduce such a charger’s weight, footprint and number of components while ensuring the lowest possible charging losses. The bidirectional charger enables the vehicle’s battery to act as an energy source for the home, or even as an intermediate power storage device.

The bundling of competence from partners such as Silicon Austria Labs GmbH, Fronius International GmbH, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG, TDK Electronics GmbH & Co OG and AVL List GmbH creates an unprecedented show of innovative strength in the field of power electronics.

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Silicon Austria Labs
Graz, Austria