Smart Waste Services

ANDI: A smart sensor enabling the measurement and management of waste disposal

Saubermacher, an international recycling enterprise holding multiple certificates and awards, has developed together with SLOC, a Styrian start up, ANDI, a high-tech sensor for waste containers. The sensor is the basis for an intelligent waste collection platform. It enables needs-oriented disposal, thus reducing unnecessary traffic and therefore also CO2.

ANDI is fitted to waste containers and monitors their filling level. Once the container needs emptying, a notification is sent via a portal. Automated procedures save time and provide a high degree of transparency.

ANDI uses ultrasound and complex algorithms to determine the degree to which a container is filled and even its movement. The system can also detect increases in temperature and even fire, for example resulting from the disposal of lithium-ion batteries.

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Saubermacher AG
Feldkirchen bei Graz, Austria