Pioneering Tremor Care

Tremipen helps doctors measure and manage uncontrollable shaking of the hands

Tremor is the most common movement disorder worldwide and affects more than 1 billion people. Tremitas aims to help with the treatment of tremor-related diseases such as Parkinsons by enabling doctors to quantify the amount of tremor in a patient’s hands and to monitor development during treatment.

Tremitas has developed a handheld device called a Tremipen that can measure the amount of tremor in a patient’s hands. This allows doctors to not only quantify tremor, but also to monitor it during treatment. There is also a new version that can be used at home so that the patient can check what influences the symptoms. It comes along with an e-diary app and access to an online tremor community.

Tremitas is aiming for their Tremipen to become the global standard for doctors to measure tremor.

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National Contact:
Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister
Tremitas GmbH
Klagenfurt, Austria

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