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Lab-on-a-chip technology revolutionises the manufacturing of diagnostic devices

JOANNEUM RESEARCH helps both startups and large companies to design, develop and manufacture lab-on-a-chip devices. These devices are miniaturised biosensors and integrated microfluidic systems based on polymer materials.

The devices are capable of performing diagnostic tests to identify pathogenic organisms and can be used in food sampling, environmental analysis or medical diagnostics. Simulation techniques are used to develop novel manufacturing processes based on both micro and nanopatterning methods, digital printing technologies, special surface modifications, as well as optics and electronics.

The introduction of roll-to-roll technologies is a quantum leap for the high-throughput manufacturing of diagnostic devices, which will bring the cost of testing down.

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Anja Haase
senior scientist, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
Graz, Austria
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