IIOT Factory Update

Existing factories can now be updated to Industry 4.0 using the IIOT Sensor Kit from Festo

The smart control and optimisation of a factory relies on data, and yet existing machines are not always equipped with the relevant sensors. Now a “brownfield” site can be upgraded using Festo’s IIOT sensor kit.

By capturing all the relevant data, the sensor kit opens the door to predictive maintenance, predictive quality and predictive optimisation in the factory.

The IIOT kit is an easy-to-use toolbox enabling the acquisition of data required for the development of new AI solutions in a factory. The kit not only acquires data from a range of industrial sensors, it can also communicate with PLCs and databases. Equipped with an integrated edge device, the kit is compatible to state of the art frameworks for training and execution of machine-learning models.

Festo has been a partner in the Eureka Cluster project “SmartCoNeT – Smart Control of Customer-Based Collaborative Manufacturing Networks with Secured Transparency” (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

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