Growing Fresh Air

The CityTree is a moss-covered particulate filter, which improves air quality

Green City Solutions have developed a biotech tree to improve the air quality in cities. The CityTree employs the natural ability of moss to remove fine dust from the air and convert it to natural biomass.

The CityTree combines special moss cultures with Internet of Things technology to produce a system that can clean, cool and humidify about 3,500 m3 of air per hour, which is the equivalent breathing volume of 7,000 people.

Tests performed by the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research have shown a CityTree is able to remove up to 82% of fine dust from the air. The moss thrives under these controlled conditions and grows up to 16 times faster than in nature. The performance and health of the moss-based particulate remover can be monitored in real-time thanks to IOT technology.

Green City Solutions has been a partner in the Eurostars project “PePollCount – Development of a Smart City infrastructure component to improve air quality” (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

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Simon Dierks
Green City Solutions
Bestensee, Germany