Fighting the COVID Virus

Safety masks and dry decontamination break the chain of viral infection

Humanity is fighting back: EDERA SAFETY Gmbh & CoKG used scrum techniques to design fog-free FFP2 certified masks in record time and TDK Electronics GmbH & Co OG has developed a technology that can be used to decontaminate objects from the SARS-COV2 virus, even for temperature-sensitive items such as electronics.

The Edera mask is a transparent face mask allowing others to see facial expressions and has an integrated electric heater to prevent fogging. The mask is currently heading for mass production.

TDK’s CeraPlas technology is a cold plasma generator that generates reactive, ionised gases which can be used to inactivate viruses on the Edera safety mask or any everyday object. The technology is contained in an Explore Kit available from TDK and is designed for integration into third party products.

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Thomas Adam Saier
Lebring, AUSTRIA

TDK Electronics GmbH & Co OG