About Us

As a central executive authority in Ukraine, we design and implement the state policy for education, science and innovation.
Goals for our science and innovation policy:

• Creating a competitive R&D sector via implementation of best world practices in science and innovation policy

• Providing conditions for the development of innovation ecosystems and implement the results of Ukrainian research and innovation projects

• Strengthening international scientific and innovative cooperation.

Our Focus

Ukraine’s involvement with Horizon Europe:

• Joining European research infrastructure consortiums (ERICs) and the European Science Cloud (EOSC)

• Promotion of resilient and sustainable development via participation in the European Green Deal

• Improvement of competitive research funding instruments in the Ukraine

• Supporting Ukraine’s membership in Eureka programmes. We can advise, support and guide you through all the stages, from designing your proposal to the commercialisation of its results.

More Information

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Yuliia Bezvershenko, DG, Directorate General for Science and Innovation, Eureka HLR in Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine