About Us

As one of the G20 countries, Turkey provides numerous incentives to increase private sector investments in addition to its R&D activities as a country. It also provides all the necessary opportunities for all stakeholders of the S&T&I ecosystem to carry out their work. It is the regions’s leading country in terms of its scientific infrastructure and potential.

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) is the leading agency for managing, funding and conducting research in Turkey. This flagship institution of science, technology, and innovation celebrated its 57th anniversary in 2020. The Council is an affiliated institute of Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology. TUBITAK is responsible for promoting, developing, organising, conducting and coordinating research and development in line with national targets and priorities. It is the official representative institution of Turkey in Eureka.

Our Focus

Turkey’s current national R&D priorities:

  • ICT

  • Machine manufacturing

  • Energy

  • Automotive

  • Health

  • Agriculture and food-type

Our involvement with Eureka:

  • Support for Network projects, Eurostars, Clusters and Globalstars programmes

  • Funding for Turkish companies

  • Universities and research organisations can participate as subcontractors

  • No budget limit for projects

  • Travel support for participating in Eureka events

  • Grants for Turkish Eurostars project coordinators (including project writing and pre-evaluation)

More Information

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Umut Ege
Ankara, Turkey