About Us

Innovation is one of the main factors behind Spain’s economic growth and one of the drivers of job creation, medium-term growth, productivity and higher competitiveness. Innovation is a necessary tool for responding to the needs and challenges of today’s society.

Spain is carrying out actions that encourage innovation in both companies and public entities. Innovation in companies is fostered through aid for R&D and innovation development, tax deductions, public-private venture capital initiatives, as well as public procurement, allowing service providers to offer higher value-added services and offering companies the opportunity to share risks.

One of the main pillars in the Spanish innovation strategy is to go global. This is achieved by supporting the participation of Spanish entities in several cooperation programmes like Horizon Europe or Eureka.

Spain is represented at #GIS2021 by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), Spain’s innovation agency.

Our Focus

  • Providing funding tools to support R&D and innovation projects, and setting up and consolidating high-tech SMEs

  • Offering financial and economic/ technical advisory services to companies within their R&D projects

  • Managing and fostering Spanish participation in international technological cooperation programmes like Eureka (where CDTI is the Spanish contact)

  • Supporting international business technology transfer and added value services for technological innovation

  • Providing a network of offices around the world, covering more than 20 countries

More Information

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Oscar Fernandez Moyano
Madrid, Spain