About Us

At Bpifrance, the French Public Investment body, we support innovative companies in France to develop their ideas into successful projects and business strategies with the help of dedicated programmes to accelerate the growth of companies on a global scale and strengthen their innovation and production capacities.

As a French company, we offer financing and support for all innovative projects alongside advice, networking and training, as well as international immersion programmes. We also help with the search for international partners and finance your project set-up and development.

Our Focus

  • Implement financing and support mechanisms for all your innovative projects (disruptive/deeptech innovation, service innovation, product innovation, etc.) to help you conquer new markets

  • Help you to find project partners with the support of specialised experts and international immersion programmes

  • Help you to bridge the investments gap and finance your single or multi-partner international R&D projects

  • Accelerate the ecological and energy transition through our EUR 40 billion climate plan

  • Promote the potential of French companies in terms of disruptive innovation via the deeptech plan (objective: supporting up to 2,000 deeptech start-ups by 2025!).

More Information

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Charlotte Calvet
Paris, France