About Us

  • Canada’s innovation ecosystem includes multiple players offering a suite of innovation support services. All levels of government offer programs, services and tools to foster innovation opportunities while enabling Canadians to be active on the international stage.

  • At the federal level, more than 20 science-based departments and agencies support or engage in international R&D cooperation.

  • The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada’s largest federal research and development organization, supporting industrial innovation and delivers Eureka on behalf of Canada. The NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program is the leading innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

  • The Trade Commissioner Service is a government organization that helps Canadians navigate international markets and facilitates international cooperation.

  • The five business-led innovation Superclusters are drivers of highly-innovative industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Technology, Protein Industries, Ocean, and Scale AI.

Our Focus

Eureka and Canada highlights:

Since joining Eureka (2012) and Eurostars (2016), Canada’s participation has involved:

  • More than 200 research and development collaboration projects
  • Projects valued at over €400M
  • Top sectors: ICT, Energy and Industrial Technologies
  • Active in Eureka network, Eurostars and Eureka clusters

Our strengths:

  • Solid economic and innovative foundations
  • World-class research centers and universities
  • One of the most educated workforce in the OECD
  • Consistent support and funding for business Innovation

Your benefits:

  • Collaborate with top Canadian researchers and innovators
  • Access to a highly-qualified pool of talent
  • Advance your knowledge of the Canadian value chain
  • Access to the Canadian market

More Information

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Melanie Cullins, Executive Director International Innovation Office NRC
Eureka Canada National Point of Contact
National Research Council of Canada
Ottawa, Canada